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2012 Campaign

Gas Safety Register
Please see find below the media campaign for summer 2012. I would like to thank the Gas Safe Register who organised all the interviews. 

The first two interviews, one with Sky and one with ITV coincided with the start of the school holidays. In order to raise as much awareness as possible, I agreed to every change of giving interviews that I was given.

Sky News CO Interview


ITV News CO Interview


One Show CO Clip

This clip is from the BBC One Show from 11th of July 2012. It is a piece on the danger of CO from BBQ grills in a camping environment.  Hazel was one of three people in the UK who died in 2011 from CO poisoning. 


BBC Nook North Interview

This clip is an interview with BBC Look North.

I would like to emphasise that hosting this video here is not strictly legal. But none of the broadcasters have these clips in their archives to link to. I do sincerely apologise to the BBC, ITV and Sky for this, but my motivation is purely driven by the fact that I want to raise awareness about the dangers of CO in the camping environment.

I do apologise but it seems that this video format is not working on iOS devices. There is not much I can do about it. The files are too large for me to attach to the site for downloading.