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Scientific Research

by Roland Wessling

This page will be populated over the next two years with various information, ranging from non-technical summaries of research to raw data from experiments. Basis for most of the information will be a series of experiments that I hope to start in April at my place of work, the Cranfield Forensic Institute at Cranfield University.

The research we want to conduct will take place in three phases:
  1. Basic understanding of CO emission from commercially available charcoal
  2. Applied research into CO emissions from BBQ grills in a camping environment
  3. Development of solutions to significantly decrease the dangers of CO while camping
Also, should you have come across this page because you are researching CO related topics as well, please get in touch. Or if you already finished your research and would like to give people access to your findings through this page, then contact as as well on Thank you!

If you are interested in more details, please have a look at the overview page or download the complete research outline in the document section below!
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10 Jul 2013, 01:46