There are a variety of organisations that are concerned with carbon monoxide issues: the first category is charities or groups, which try to raise awareness of the dangers of CO or try to do something about it, very much like us. In second category, we find organisation broadly industry based. These can be charities that have the precise same goals as the 'private' charities but their means are very different, i.e. they can fund very considerable awareness campaigns for example. But there are also umbrella organisations that represent the views of certain segments of industries somehow related to CO issues. The next category in this classification is governmental agencies, which either monitor CO accidents, enforce legislation, etc. And finally, we have universities that are or were involved in carbon monoxide research.

It is important to understand these categories in order to comprehend each organisations actions and aims. However, this is by no means designed to attribute stereotypes to each group!

You can go to each category by clicking on the logos. If anyone wants to create a link on their own website to this site, please download the logo attached at the bottom of the page. Thank you!


Hazel Woodhams Memorial,
25 Aug 2013, 06:06