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Fiona's Speech

For those that don’t know me, I'm Fiona. I just want to say a few words on behalf of Hazel’s friends and myself.

Right from the start I remember being amazed at how intensely Hazel managed to study for uni, while still juggling work & fun-filled nights out with us all.


That energetic approach to life never changed.


She had such a sunny outlook and a bright & quirky sense of style.


She was always busy but never really complained of being tired and always took every opportunity to experience new things, no matter what time she was going to have to get up the next day.


Over the recent weeks that have passed it’s been overwhelmingly obvious that Hazel touched so many peoples lives in such a positive way.


Hazel had the drive & ambition to really enjoy life, she had so many varied interests:


She loved art and have even sold some of her own works.


She loved Fashion, food, photography & film. Interior design.


Forensics, travel and languages and Music. She even did a spot of DJ'ing at one time.


Basically she was always willing to try her hand at anything. 


She had the strength to travel the world alone and the focus & passion to progress her studies so successfully.


Whist doing all of this she also gave rock solid support to her family and such a large group of friends. 


I've had the pleasure of seeing Hazel grow as a fantastically vibrant and confident woman who was progressing in a career that she had worked so hard for.


It was also wonderful to see Hazel so happy and content in her relationship with Roland while still managing to retain that independent streak that I'd always loved.


I know that I can speak for everyone in saying that we never expected to be saying goodbye to her so soon,


but I do know that I'm so grateful and immensely proud to have known Hazel.


She was such an inspirational woman that was hard working and intelligent, colourful, kind and fun loving, and sincere and strong & what a wonderful memory that is to have of somebody.


She was such lovely company and had this ability to make everybody feel so wonderfully close to her, it was one of her talents.


Life can get very busy at times, but even if Hazel and I had not seen each other for weeks or months we'd just naturally pick up where we left off.


She described this as 'true friendship' one of the last times I saw her.


She was a very special, supportive and accepting friend and I truly think that right now she would want us all to be getting on with being busy, making the most of life and doing her proud.


While we'll always look back at this time with sadness, we should also draw on all the wonderful and fond memories that Hazel has given us.


We're really going to miss her but we will never forget her.